Astanga Instructor
Tim is a man of many talents. He is a Web Developer, a fitness instructor specializing in bodyweight and outdoor training. He is also a yoga teacher and an amateur Filmmaker/Photographer. Tim has been into fitness for over 5 years. After exploring various Yoga Systems, he has found his niche: Iyengars Ashtanga Yoga & Mantra Meditation. He is always looking to chat with new people, learn new things and share some of his own experiences :)


Restorative Hatha Instructor
Kathāmṛta has a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a concentration in Creative Ensemble Devising. She has studied Teaching and Facilitation at Mayapur Institute, India. She currently works as a public servant in the New Zealand Government as an Advisor on the Urban Design Panel and serves at the Loft Yoga Studio in Auckland New Zealand as a Yoga Instructor, Meditation teacher, and vegan chef. Her yoga classes are geared up for those who are ready for a break in the busy day, to relax, unwind and reset.


Vinyasa Instructor
Radha has been prectising and teaching yoga for over a decade. She loves having fun with yoga and enjoys a daily practice for restoring balance in her life. She likes to be creative in her sequences and is always adding funky elements to make it more exciting!


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